Window Treatments That Can Transform Any Space

By Genevieve Cunningham

For many people, one of the toughest areas of the home to decorate is the windows. Though they tend to make a big presence in any room, they’re tough to figure out. How should they be covered? With what material? What colors? And the questions go on and on. It can feel overwhelming very quickly. If you’re struggling to cover the windows in your home or you’re looking to make a switch in decor, take a look at these things to consider for completely transforming your space through the windows.

Be Selective About Blinds

The wrong blinds can completely ruin a window. If they’re too small, too big, or simply the wrong cut for a particular window, it can make the window appear out of sorts. When you’re looking to treat your windows, keep in mind that there are so many different options to choose from. Plastic mini blinds, bamboo covers, and specialized wooden blinds are just a tip of the iceberg. Find coverings that fit your window, your decor, and the general space in your home to change up the look in a big way.

Try Out A Range of Curtains

Curtains, just like blinds, come in all shapes and sizes. From those that skim the sill to those that touch the floor, different curtains can change the feel of the room. Make sure that the curtains are flattering to both the windows as well as the room as a whole. If need be, test out a few options until you find the perfect fit. While this might be a little expensive, it can pay off to give a few different types a try before settling on any one covering.

Clean Until It Shines

If you really want an easy way to make the windows look better, make sure that they are incredibly clean. Smudges, dirt in the corners, or streaks across the glass create a dingy look for both the windows themselves as well as the room they inhabit. Find a good glass cleaner, and give the windows a quick once-over at least once a day. It can also be helpful to wipe down the trim, the bottom of the sill, and remove any cobwebs that may be hanging around the corners.

Windows tend to dominate a space, whether that’s for the better or for the worse. If you want to take advantage of their power over a room, use these tips to spruce them up and give them a positive impact on the area. With the right tips and a little experimenting, your windows can be one of your biggest assets in keeping your home perfectly decorated year round.

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