What a Good Realtor Wants You to Know

By Genevieve Cunningham

When it comes to selling a home, most people have strong opinions one way or another. Some are solid in their opinion that a real estate agent is unnecessary. Others are sure that the realtor is the answer. But what’s the truth? Research has shown that the better way to approach a sale is to hire a good agent. But don’t forget that a good realtor is just a person … and that their help can only be useful if you allow it to be. Before hiring a good agent, take a look at these things any good realtor would want you to know.

There’s No Magic Behind a Sale

If you put a house on the market and it doesn’t sell immediately, it’s all too easy to blame the realtor. While a good realtor can certainly make a difference, they don’t have any magic. They can’t create buyers out of thin air if the market is down. They can’t make that interested buyer have good credit. They can market the house well, attract interested parties, and do their best to close the deal. But don’t expect a miracle. Just be patient with the process, and trust that the realtor is doing everything possible to make it happen.

They’re Not Asking Too Much

Many people attempt the sell-it-yourself route simply because of the commission that a realtor receives on a sale. Please know that this number is not too much … as long as your realtor is reputable and does his/her job. While it may seem like a lot, the realtor puts in a ton of work and effort into selling your home. They know the ins and outs, are experienced with the paperwork, and can save you from making costly mistakes. In the long run, the majority of people who use a good realtor are happy with their experience and would choose to use an agent again in the future.

You Have to Do Your Part

A realtor does a lot of the leg work on selling a house, it’s true. But they can’t do everything. If they need information, certain access to the house, questions answered, or other cooperation, work with them the best that you can. The more flexible you are, the easier it is for them to do their job. They’ll do most of the work, but offering a helping hand where needed can go a long way in making that sale happen faster.

Selling a house is difficult enough. Don’t make it harder on yourself by skipping the professional advice and trying to go it alone. Use a trusted realtor, such as those at Coldwell Banker, to make the job easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more successful in the long run.

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