Tips for Protecting Your House on Vacation

By Genevieve Cunningham

It’s finally that time of year. Vacation time! The summer is when most people pack up and take off for a few days or weeks. While this definitely sets up some time for rest and relaxation, it can cause a little bit of stress worrying about how to protect your home while you’re gone. Fortunately, it’s probably easier than you think! To protect the safety of your home and keep the bills manageable, take a look at these tips for your next big vacation.

Turn the Air Up or the Heat Down

If you’re not going to be home for a while, there is no reason to leave either the heat or air conditioner on full blast. Instead, turn the air up or the heat down, depending on the season. There’s no harm in coming home to a house that is a little bit cool in winter or warm in summer. This saves on energy costs when no one is home, but still keeps the house at a comfortable condition for your return.

Unplug Electronics

If you really want to save as much as possible, try unplugging electronics before you leave. Televisions, radios, computers, microwaves … anything that doesn’t need to be used while you’re gone should be unplugged. This keeps these devices from pulling any energy and can save on your electricity bill. It may also keep the house safer, lowering the chance of certain kinds of fire and protecting the electronics during a storm.

Hire a House Sitter

Sometimes the best option for keeping the house safe and cared for is to hire a house sitter. Friends, family members, or professional services are often available to help in just these situations. They’ll simply stay at your house while you’re gone, generally following specific instructions left by you. The key? Ask someone that you absolutely trust! House sitters keep the home from looking empty (which can help with crime), are available for any potential problems, and can keep the home fresh, clean, and feeling alive while you’re gone.

When you’re on vacation, the last thing that you should be worrying about is your house and potential problems back home. Instead of the worry and stress, just use these tips to keep the house safe and the bills low. Following this advice may allow you to protect your home while enjoying your well-deserved time off to the fullest extent.

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