How to Give Your Home an Inviting Feel

By Genevieve Cunningham

Welcoming and inviting is how most of us want our homes to feel. We want family and friends to walk in and feel at home. We want strangers to feel as though they’ve been there a million times before. But how many of us actually create this feeling in our homes? Probably not as many as would hope. If you’d like to create that cozy, at-home feeling in your home, take a look at these easy tips for making it happen.

Keep It Clean

A clean home is an inviting home. No one likes to feel as though they are intruding, and if you have stuff all over your house, it can feel this way as soon as you set foot in the door. To keep an inviting and welcoming feel in your home, make sure clutter and dust and trash are all kept up. The home should look and feel lived in, but it shouldn’t feel as though you just moved in. Do your best to stay on top of cleanliness, and you’re already ahead of the game.

Have Pillows and Blankets Available

Nothing quite says “welcome home” like comfort items. When we go on trips or are away from home for a while, what is it that we miss the most? The bed! To make your home feel inviting, have soft pillows and warm blankets available. Get a basket and keep throw blankets in it for easy access. Keep throw pillows on the furniture. The more texture and warmth that you have in your home, the more welcoming it will feel to all who enter.

Open the Doors and Windows

You don’t have to open all of the doors and windows, and you don’t even have to actually open them. But pull back the curtains and let in some light. If you have a screened or glass entry door, use it. When a home is cut off from the outside world, it looks intimidating. Let people see in your home (in a safe way) by allowing the world to seep in through the windows and doors. And when you’ve had enough or night falls, close them back up and create a safe environment for your family and friends.

If a welcoming environment is a goal in your home, these tips can help you do it. Incorporating these suggestions, along with personal touches of your own, can create just the right feel in any home. Make the appropriate changes, invite your friends and family, and you’ll create just the environment you’ve been after in your home.

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