How to Get the Kitchen Summer Ready

By Genevieve Cunningham

There are few places in a home more important or visitor friendly than the kitchen. This seems to be the place where people congregate. This is the place where food is abundant and conversation flows. Or at least that’s the way most people want it. So how do you accomplish this? A great way to start is to change your kitchen for the current season. A cozy kitchen in the winter invites people in for hot cocoa and soup. And in the summer? The right kitchen will be begging people to sip lemonade and leave their shoes at the door. With summer right around the corner, take a look at these tips for making sure that your kitchen is summer ready.

Clean It Up and Bring in Fresh Smells

Summer is supposed to feel and smell clean and fresh. If a kitchen feels old, musty, or closed in, it definitely won’t feel like that first fresh breeze that rolls in with the entrance of summer. If you want the kitchen to have this feel, you have to make freshness and cleanliness a top priority. Choose a nice cleaning agent with a summer scent … perhaps citrus, lemon, or fresh breeze. Scrub the kitchen from top to bottom, making sure that it sparkles in all the right places. Then light some similar candles or use fresh flowers to freshen the smell.

Brighten the Colors

Why not use the summer as the perfect opportunity to freshen up paint, change the color scheme completely, or find a bright new coordinating color? Light, airy, or bright colors scream summer like nothing else. If doing a complete makeover sounds like a good idea, go for it. If you don’t have quite that amount of time on your hands, some small changes bring in enough brightness to still invite summer into your kitchen.

Cater to Summer Foods

Food choices often change with the season anyway, so it never hurts to bring in summer foods with the heat. While winter might bring warm, comforting foods, summer tends to bring fresh fruits and veggies, light appetizers, or even outdoor grilling. The more you stock the kitchen with these foods, the more it will have that carefree summer feel.

A summer kitchen is easy to accomplish as long as you know some small steps to help you get moving in the right direction. Since this area of the house is a gathering spot, it never hurts to keep it up to date with the current season and mood. These tips can help you get started, and make your kitchen the place to be this upcoming summer.

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