6th Annual Real Estate Forecast

Coldwell Banker Town and Country 2017 Market Forecast Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Christopher Thornberg Christopher Thornberg is Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, LLC and widely considered to be one of the nation’s leading economists. He is also the Director of the Center for Economic Forecasting and Development at the UC Riverside School of Business Administration […]

How to Stain A Wooden Deck

If you are fortunate enough to have an outside wood deck, then you probably have the need to re-stain the wood. While this job is far from easy, it is also not very complicated and can transform an old, beat-up wooden deck into a showcase amenity for any backyard. Simply follow a few basic rules […]

Weevil Epidemic Threatens California Palm Trees

Close your eyes and visualize a typical California landscape. Chances are your vision will include at least one palm tree. The tall, tropical looking trees are as much a part of the Southern California image as convertibles and Hollywood. However, a new species of pest is threatening to infect the entire palm tree culture of […]

How to Avoid Getting Bitten By Mosquitoes this Summer

The mosquito has never been a very welcome guest for Southern California homeowners. However, the need to protect yourself against mosquito bites has never been more important. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mosquitoes cause more human suffering than any other organism. More than one million people die each year from […]

Great Ways to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer time in Southern California can be beautiful. However, it can also be downright uncomfortable if you happen to be in the middle of a heat wave. Because there are hundreds of microclimates throughout Southern California, every neighborhood will have its own interpretation of what “hot” really is. For those in the Inland Empire, temperatures […]