A Quick How-To for Removing Carpet Stains

By Genevieve Cunningham

If you’re going to have carpet in a home, it’s so important that you keep it clean. Dingy or stained carpet can bring down a room, or in severe cases, the entire house. The old, worn look of stained carpet makes it difficult to create the perfect atmosphere, and if you’re considering selling, this look can bring the value down significantly. Luckily, having stained carpet doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to strip the home and start from scratch. Take a look at these quick remedies for stains that can help get your floors sparkling clean again.

Natural Remedies

For those who are a bit opposed to harsh chemicals, there are plenty of natural solutions that can get stains out and leave the carpet looking new. Using white vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice are great options. And some people even swear that allowing the spot to soak up some sun (if possible) beforehand makes a big difference. As with all cleaning agents, test a small spot before diving in. This will help avoid any discoloration or further staining of the carpet in question.

Professional Options

For heavy stains, a professional carpet cleaner might be the best choice. While perhaps the most expensive option, it’s also the most effective. This can be especially beneficial if you intend on selling your home. The cleaner the carpet, the easier it will be to find a buyer and the more value your home will command. If you’re not ready to commit, try the other options first, but don’t discount a professional if need be.

DIY Choices

If you want something harder than natural solutions, but you’re not ready to hire a professional, there are plenty of DIY cleaning solutions that may work wonders. Browse the cleaning section of your local grocery store and you’re likely to find dozens of choices. Most of these will require a spray or powder being applied, some wait time, a bit of scrubbing, and finally a quick vacuum job. For many stains, especially if they’re minor, this is one of the easiest and most accessible options available.

Carpet stains can certainly be a bother, but if you know how to attack them, they don’t have to be a problem. Whether you’re getting your house in shape for your own enjoyment or you’re looking to sell in the near future, getting the floors in tip-top shape definitely helps. Use these tips to have yours sparkling clean in no time at all.

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