Heads-Up: Mortgage Rates aren’t Standing Still

In case you set your alarm clock to go off when it was time to buy a home, that clang you may be hearing from somewhere in the distance could be it (figuratively speaking, of course). The reason has to do with the direction of mortgage rates (among others).
Now, we realize this could come across …

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Homeowners see Foreclosure Bump as Cleanup, not Crisis

If you are one of those homeowners who has been gladdened to see property values continuing to rebound, you have also been pleased at the steady decline in the wave of foreclosures that were part of the global financial crisis. When the subprime mortgage crisis triggered widespread financial dislocation, many homeowners felt the repercussions. Every …

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Few Listings Will Top This One!

Putting together a listing is serious business. It has to be brief, to-the-point, and at the same time, engaging. The photos and language of a listing is the tip of the marketing spear: if it’s dull, and just a repetition of the specifics that are enumerated in the columns of numbers that follow, it’s less …

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Apparent Mortgage Rate Contradiction does Make Perfect Sense

If you’ve ever had the kind of neighbor who is apt to borrow something (like your hedge trimmer), only to later complain about how it performed, you know how much patience it takes to hold your tongue. The Mortgage Bankers Association would be justified if they felt that way about us: We’ve read their website, …

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Finding a Home’s Listing Price: More Art than Science

A listing can be a smash hit when the pictures show a property that’s cosmetically appealing, the copy rings true, and the details hit the sweet spot where features and value are a match for the best the area has to offer. But it still might not be as effective as it should be if …

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Weighing Improvements to Increase a Home’s Value

Value increase

When it comes to boosting your home’s value, the question arises about which of the possible improvements that you might undertake would wind up paying for themselves. At first blush, you might think this should be a cut-and-dried analysis¬—that is, any improvements that don’t at least add their own cost to the asking price should …

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Beyond Back-of-the-Envelope: New Home Affordability

You want your approach to finding a new home to be at least somewhat hard-headed and businesslike. The financial stakes are certainly major, and to some extent, much of what your future lifestyle will be like will depend on making a good choice.
This is not to totally discount the emotional component that’s inevitably part of …

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Early Action Plan for Selling Your Home-Much Later!

Home for sale

This is actually a situation that’s very common, but not much remarked upon: you know you are going to be selling your home—only not for a while…and perhaps not for a very long while! Is there anything you should be doing now, long before actual preparations are called for?
There sure is! Let’s call these low-intensity …

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Loans, Credit Scores—and “Invisible Ink” Safeguards

You may have wondered why there are credit repair companies out there, since the credit reporting agencies have to allow any consumer to dispute incorrect line items on their own. The big Credit Reporting Agencies (“CRAs”) even have online systems for challenging erroneous information. The Agency must act speedily to investigate and correct any false …

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The Two Differing Situations for Comparables

There are two kinds of situations that homeowners looking at comparables run into:

THE SIMPLE COMPS: Your home is part of an area that’s more uniform than not, in a neighborhood where there are a sufficient number of similar houses to have produced several sales recently. Your street may not be part of a literal development …

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